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The SpitiMarket is the first digital product of Webzone-Cy. SpitiMarket is a platform that holds real estate listings and aims to improve the experience for those selling their properties but also for those who are searching for a new home online. The purpose of SpitiMarket is to assist people that work in Real Estate inside Cyprus, evolve their way of business and improve the experience of people who want to find real estate on the web. If you are a real estate agent or someone who wants to sell, buy, rent, exchange real estate, SpitiMarket is for you!

SpitiMarket consists of many great features such as:

  • Advance real estate filtering
  • Real estate accurate location on the map
  • Auto PDF generation of your listings
  • Real time messaging
  • Save listings as favourites
  • Beautiful web design
  • Upload floor plan support
  • User Profile
  • Advanced search of listings and users
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email notifications

We can’t wait for you to try SpitiMarket!

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