Web Deisgn

Web Deisgn

Web deisign or interface design is one of the main parts of a set of activities around the creation of software, websites, apps and other interactive products.

Interface Design involves many stages such as ideation, testing, building, reviewing, rebuilding, its not about making things pretty, its about communicating with the user, ease of use as well as functionality.

  • Consistency

Users need consistency because it makes them feel more comfortable, means that they understand your design and that they are more likely to stay and then come back.

  • Visual Hierarchy

Controls how the human eye perceives the order of the information on the page. Shows users which elements on the website are of primary importance.

  • Colours

Colours are one of the most important elements of your website or application. You need the colour to create a theme that will flow through your work. With colour you can set the mood, attract attention or emphasise on something. Keep in mind that colour affect both mentally and physically. If you use colour correctly and consistently, it will help enhance your message and communicate better.

  • User journey

A User journey is a series of steps that represent a scenario in which the user might interact with your design of an app, webpage or a game. User journeys help us understand the user’s behaviour, which means how the users interact with your design and what they expect from it.

  • User Experience

Often referred to as “UX” is the overall experience of a person using for example: a website, a computer application.

These are the questions that run through the minds of visitors as they interact with our product.

  • “Does this website give value?” 
  • “Is it easy to use?”
  • “Is it pleasant to use?”

Essentially User Experience design attempts to make the users answer “Yes” to all of those questions.

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